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Over 6,200 hours of client sessions & hands on experience.

After 10 years of teaching Pilates, multiple certifications, building a fully booked home studio ALONG with a successful Pilates education business - I'm here to help YOU build the same dream career I built for myself!

The secrets to being fully booked with your dream clients.

Business & Brand Accelerator for Pilates Teachers

Build a thriving Pilates business & personal brand whether you work at a studio or dream of starting your own.

Replace fear with knowledge.

Pre & Postnatal Certification for Pilates Teachers

Learn how to design workouts that prevent, heal, empower, and still challenge safely.

I've got your next private or group class covered.

Pilates Equipment Workouts

Flowing, functional, thoughtful & client approved.

Find fun, new ways to challenge your clients on the mat.

Mat Workouts

My tried & true formula for full-body activation & client retention.

Diastasis & Pelvic Floor friendly.

Pre & Post-natal Mat Workouts

My signature After Baby Pilates workouts that have helped hundreds of moms heal.

Real Clients, Real Results.

Not just other movement professionals teaching other movement professionals.

Observe real clients who have real injuries & see how I modify in real time.

Learn the how, why, and when of exercise selection, modification, & prop selection.

Keep your clients coming back for more.

Loyalty comes from impeccable workout programming that incorporates the right amount of variety & repetition. Get ideas to keep your choreography fun & fresh!

New Content Added Monthly

​​New videos added in multiple categories each month, so there's always something exciting to explore and learn.

​​Why I Created Erica Bell Studio

​​I wanted to create the kind of resource I wish I had when I was starting my Pilates teaching career. I started out with the majority of my clients having injuries or chronic pain and there weren't (and still aren't) many places to go for quick, actionable tips on how to safely and effectively work with these clients. My mission is to simplify complicated concepts into understandable and actionable advice you can implement for guaranteed client results & retention.

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