About Me

Hello 👋🏽 & welcome to my online studio 🤗!

I’m so glad you’re here ❤️. I created this online space to share all of the creative movement solutions that have worked for myself & my clients over the years. With my home studio business at full capacity with a waitlist, I found myself needing & wanting a way to share with other teachers what has cultivated happy, loyal clients who feel better in their bodies through the magic of Pilates.

In my past 10 years of teaching (over 6,200 hours), I've worked with clients of all backgrounds from the super fit to those with special needs including pre/post natal, osteoporosis, cancer recovery, injury recovery, and chronic back, neck, hip and shoulder aches and pains. Working with such a wide variety of clients helped hone my skills as an instructor and informed my science-based approach to programming pilates workouts. I believe in progressing clients & creating workouts based on the laws of biomechanics, not the law and order of classical pilates (I do appreciate classical pilates, it’s just not the foundation for my particular style).  My workouts are flowing, functional, thoughtful, and there is always a clear why behind any exercise or contemporary variation. 

After 9 years of working closely with mamas at all stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journeys to avoid and heal diastasis and even help births go more smoothly, I decided to create my own Pre & Postnatal Certification for Pilates instructors. Nothing makes me happier than empowering other teachers with the knowledge they need to design workouts that heal, empower, and still challenge safely. Don’t take my word for it, you can read some of my mama client testimonials here and some past student testimonials here.

I truly believe that when Pilates is applied correctly through proper exercise selection & modification, anyone can achieve better posture, less aches and pains, & increases in flexibility and strength. And that’s not including all of the mental benefits that come with taking time for yourself to move your body and tune out the distractions of every day life.

Thank so much for being here and I hope you find all of the workouts and content helpful.


You can read more about my background by clicking here or see below for my certifications:

Full Credentials:

  • STOTT Pilates Full Comprehensive Level 1 Certification in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels (2012-2014)

  • STOTT Pilates Level 2 Training in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels (2012-2014)

  • STOTT Pilates Injuries and Special Populations course (2013)

  • Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) (formerly PMA- CPT) (2017)

  • Pre/Post-natal Health and Exercise Certified Pilates Specialist (via the Center for Women's Fitness) (2017)

  • Specialist in Pilates-Based Exercise for Neurological Diseases (2018)

  • Pure Body Classical Bridge Program (2019)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising - Michigan State University (2009)