How do I access Erica Bell Studio?

Erica Bell Studio is accessible via the web at ericabellstudio.com. You can access this URL via your laptop/desktop or via your mobile devices. You’ll use the same link to access no matter what device you’re using- an app is not available at this time. 

How does the free trial work?

Signing up for the 7 day free trial allows you to experience everything Erica Bell Studio has to offer without being charged for 7 days. Once the free trial ends, you’ll automatically become a subscriber, and will be billed for the monthly subscription price ($16.99). If you do not wish to become a subscriber, please ensure you cancel your free trial before it expires because there are no refunds. 

What types of classes do you offer on Erica Bell Studio?

A full library of different types of classes (mat, equipment, pre/postnatal workouts) & tutorials/sample workouts within the Pilates Science Academy are offered to accommodate all levels. From people new to Pilates to seasoned pilates practitioners or teachers, you’ll find something to enjoy.  Almost all of the mat classes are all levels welcome as modifications are given throughout the workouts and there are a few classes that don’t require any props besides things you already have laying around your house like towels or pasta sauce jars/soup cans. These workouts are full body and always include a standing, functional warm up (& sometimes an arm weight series) before going into the mat part of the workout. The equipment workouts are sorted by level 1, 2, or 3 and you will need Pilates apparatus (reformer, tower, chair, & other assorted small props) to do these workouts. The Pre/Postnatal workouts are all mat based and accessible to anyone, some feature small props like weights & bands. All postnatal workouts are diastasis/pelvic floor friendly and will aid in the healing process. The tutorials and sample workouts in the Pilates Science Academy are mainly for pilates teachers/students to understand how to apply specific concepts to enhance their teaching skills. I also offer a Pre & Postnatal Certification for Pilates teachers that is a separate, one time cost and includes lifetime access to all content along with a 103 page full color manual. 

What is the Pilates Science Academy?

As mentioned above, the content in the Pilates Science Academy is for pilates teachers/students to understand how to apply specific concepts to enhance their teaching skills. The Pilates Science Academy is the first of its kind in featuring tutorials that break down complicated concepts like biomechanics or working with clients with injuries into easily understandable and actionable tips. I’ve taken my 10 years of working with clients with many injuries/pathologies and my knowledge from years of workshops & specialized training (you can read more about my background/certifications here) to create content that picks up where your teacher training left off. The library of sample workouts for clients with specific pathologies will continue to grow and give you a great example of how to put what you’ve learned in the tutorials to work. 

What props do you recommend?

As stated above, a few classes don’t require props beyond household items like towels or canned goods. You can find these classes by filtering by “No props/household items”. My top 3 prop recommendations that will allow you to get the most of the mat workouts are: lighter weights (2-3lbs) , heavier weights (5lbs), and a loop band.

What’s included in my monthly subscription?

A monthly subscription gives you access to all of the classes & tutorials on Erica Bell Studio. New classes & tutorials are added monthly and content is never removed. 

When and how often are new classes added to the library?

At least 2 new classes per month will be added to the library, in different categories (mat workouts, Pilates Science Academy, Pilates Equipment Workouts, & Pre/Post Natal) . 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is easy. Simply login and click My Account, then select Billing. Scroll down and you'll see a Change Plan button.  Click Change Plan, then click Cancel Membership. Once you've cancelled, you won't be charged again, but your membership will continue until the end of the current billing cycle. There are no refunds given. 

How do I update my credit card?

Changing your credit card information is easy. Sign in to Erica Bell Studio, go to My Account > Billing > Payment Method. 

How do I change my password/I forgot my password.

Change your password by selecting My Account > Password in the menu. If you have forgotten your password, choose “Sign In” from the Menu. You will be taken to the Sign In page. Choose “Forgot Password”, enter your email address when prompted and click “Send Instructions”. You will be sent an email with password reset information. 

Make sure that the email you’re using to reset is the same as the one used on your account. Check your spam folder and if you still can't find the information, contact us at erica@ericabellpilates.com and we’ll assist you in getting back in.

I read through all your FAQ's but I still have a question. Is there somewhere I can contact you?

Not a problem, you can reach me at erica@ericabellpilates.com if you have any questions or feedback!